Remove ivy, install mulch at planting bed at corner near 3-18 LFB Landscaping $285 Operating 11/22/14
Gutter/downspout cleaning Chris Bohley $1,598 Operating 12/3/14
Fill additional large potholes on Aspen Way Lizell Contracting $476 Operating 12/12/14
Fertilize large white oak tree near building 2 Keystone Tree $175 Operating 12/15/14
Fertilize one sycamore 14-2, and ash trees near 3-2 and 3-14 through 3-18 Keystone Tree $355 Operating 12/15/14
Mail community letter – Christmas tree collection areas Continental Property Management Copying

& Postage

Operating 12/15/14
Final fall clean up – included in grounds maintenance contract LFB Landscaping $850 Operating 12/16/14
Clean/organize Association maintenance room Continental Property Management

& Lizell Contracting

$165 Operating 12/18/14
Removal of leaves/debris from inside all fenced-in above-ground oil tank locations Lizell Contracting Hourly Rate Operating

GL “6540”

pH soil test analysis with recommendation to achieve 7.0 pH level – 6.2 pH 2013 Bair Tree N/A Operating 12/22/14
Provide Leonard Rose & Sons with list of units where remote oil timer has not turned – schedule service call and mail letter to affected unit owners/tenants Continental Property Management N/A N/A 12/22/14