Clean 49 light fixtures above doorways Lizell Contracting $573

(2015 Price)

Operating 10/16/16
Replace 1,817 lin ft of concrete curb

line at 68 locations

Michael DeLaurentis $79,989 Reserve 10/17/16
Turn off water to all exterior spigots at 25 boiler rooms and store hoses in boiler rooms Lizell Contracting $201 Operating 10/24/16
Schedule oil delivery dates with Brinker’s Fuels – November 2016 to May 2017 Continental Property Management N/A N/A 10/25/16
Clean underground storm water drainage systems at 7-7 thru 7-23, and between building 3 and 7

(at six-month intervals)

Lizell Contracting $1,445 Operating 10/25/16
Obtain renewal of liability and workers compensation insurance – Brinker’s Fuels Continental Property Management N/A N/A 10/27/16
Place 103 Rubbermaid buckets with calcium chloride at designated locations Lizell Contracting $875 Operating 10/28/16
Mail letter to townhouse unit owners – Remove hoses from exterior spigots, clean chimneys, and service boilers Continental Property Management Copying

& Postage

Operating 11/1/16