Grind eleven (11) stumps at

four (4) locations

TreeEx $150 Operating 3/13/17
Exterior building powerwashing – 89 locations – 10,840 sq ft Rolling Suds (Before Installation of Mulch) $6,500 Operating 3/24/17
Deep-root fertilize three (3) large sycamore trees Davey Tree $175


(2016 Cost –


Operating 3/27/17
Inject four (4) birch trees with

“Merit” to prevent defoliation by beetles

Davey Tree $145 Operating 3/27/17
Sol-U-Cal lime turf application – Fall 2016 pH 6.0 TreeEx $787 Operating 3/29/17
Mail letter to townhouse unit owners – Clean fireplace, service oil burner and air conditioning unit, architectural guidelines, garage door replacement specifications Continental Property Management Copying

& Postage

Operating 3/31/17
Mail letter to non-townhouse unit owners/ residents – Trash rules, service air conditioning units, paint door, stain balcony handrail/ balusters and fence, architectural guidelines Continental Property Management Copying

& Postage

Operating 3/31/17
Powerwash 7,025 lin ft of concrete curbs (excluding curbs replaced in 2016) prior to repaving Rolling Suds $6,500 Operating 4/5/17
Clean seventy (70) courtyard globe light fixtures Lizell Contracting $1,190

(2016 Price


Operating 4/11/17
Mail “Important Fire Safety Notice”, clean dryer ducts, and mail notice to all unit owners/tenants (excluding townhome units) announcing that heat will be turned off to all units May 9 and to reconcile outstanding oil heating balance by July 1 Continental Property Management Copying

& Postage

Operating 4/13/17
Remove 103 Rubbermaid buckets with calcium chloride from designated locations – Store in nearby boiler rooms – Provide list of buckets, lids, and scoops to replace Lizell Contracting $750



GL “6465”

Replace six (6) 150-watt HPS fixtures with LED Frank’s Lighting $1,363 Operating 4/20/17
Water meter replacement program, M-1 thru M-25 Doylestown Township Municipal Authority N/A N/A 4/21/17