Remove large fallen maple tree in lawn between Building 11 and Lower State Road TreeEx $1,896 Operating 3/12/18
Remove large fallen tree opposite Oleander Terrace TreeEx $948 Operating 3/12/18
Replace sump pump batteries at

M-6, M-13, and M-24 (3-year cycle)

Lizell Contracting $804



GL “6540”

Inspect roofs at Buildings 1, 12, and 14 – Provide proposal to repair as needed Eiseman


$1,375 Operating 3/13/18
Powerwash concrete slabs at all above-ground oil tank locations Rolling Suds $2,625 Operating

GL “6540”

Mail letter to townhouse unit owners – Clean fireplace, service oil burner and air conditioning unit, architectural guidelines, garage door replacement specifications Continental Property Management Copying

& Postage

Operating 3/20/18
Mail letter to non-townhouse unit owners/ residents – Trash rules, service air conditioning units, paint door, stain balcony handrail/ balusters and fence, architectural guidelines Continental Property Management Copying

& Postage

Operating 3/20/18
Inspect 26 fire extinguishers in boiler rooms/ maintenance room (service at extra cost) Shapiro Fire








GL “6540”

Exterior building powerwashing – 15,289 sq ft Rolling Suds $10,000 Operating 3/23/18
Deep-root fertilize three (3) large sycamore trees Davey Tree $182 Operating 3/31/18
Select 1” mulch option LFB Landscaping 1” – $9,569

(1” selected


Operating 4/4/18
Fertilize all azaleas and rhododendrons with “holly-tone” – per contract LFB Landscaping $900 Operating 4/6/18
Inject four (4) birch trees with “Merit” to prevent defoliation by beetles Davey Tree $152

(2017 Price)

Operating 4/10/18
Clean entrance signs (2) and 15 mph signs (2) using Armor-All Lizell Contracting $210 Operating 4/13/18
Mail “Important Fire Safety Notice”, clean dryer ducts, and notice to all unit owners/tenants (excluding townhome units) announcing that

heat will be turned off to all units May 9 and to reconcile outstanding oil heating balance by July 1

Continental Property Management Copying

& Postage

Operating 4/20/18
Safety prune three (3) tall Norway spruce trees at property line near West Court Street Keystone Tree $1,495 Operating 4/26/18
Remove large white pine tree near parking space 2-11 and grind stump Keystone Tree $620 Operating 4/26/18