Replacement of electric sump pumps in Boiler Rooms M-6, M-7, M-16, and M-23 Lizell Contracting $1,864 ($466/ Location) Operating GL “6540” 1/4/19
Replace sump pump battery at M-16 (3-year cycle) Lizell Contracting $300 (Est.) Operating GL “6540” 1/5/19
Removal of leaves/debris from inside all trash enclosure areas Lizell Contracting Hourly rate Operating 1/7/19
Late-fall gutter and downspout cleaning Bohley Enterprises $1,692 (2017 Price $1,598) Operating 1/10/19
Remove/dispose five old black metal mailbox clusters Lizell Contracting $560 Operating 1/11/19
Adjust maintenance fee for unit owners serviced by central boiler system – (if necessary, on a calendar basis) Continental Property Management – after year-end balance sheet is published Increased to $32/unit/cycle from $28/unit/cycle effective 2/12/19 Operating GL”5151” 1/22/19
Schedule/confirm oil delivery by Brinker’s mid-cycle – January Brinker’s Fuels N/A N/A 1/24/19
Chip Christmas trees – install woodchip beds LFB Landscaping $700 Operating 1/31/19
2018 Financial Statement – Audit Luft & Company, CPA $2,100 Operating 2/4/19
Replace 3’ x 4’ concrete block and raise curb box at side of building 3, near M-9 Genesis Concrete $520 Reserve 2/5/19
Asphalt replacement at driveway at 8-7 – 3’ x 4’ Peco Energy N/A N/A 2/7/19
Extension to June 2018,Re-certification of boiler M-19 (required every two (2) years by PA Department of Labor/Industry) Hartford Steam Boiler (Authorized by Nationwide Insurance) $44 (2017 price) Operating GL “6540” 2/7/19