Clean underground Storm Water Drainage pipes near 341-344 Hackberry Court Lizell Contracting $607 Operating 9/26/19
Purchase/replace four (4) “C” batteries to water alarm at clubhouse hot water heater Continental Property Management N/A Operating 9/24/19
Service/lubricate clubhouse main door Mike’s Lock Shop $85 Operating 9/20/19
Pool winterization Fox Pool Management Included in Contract Operating 9/20/19
Install sump pump and supplies (stored in garage) at third step from the top at main pool, install Styrofoam at ventilation panels in pool pump room shut off valve to pool in clubhouse crawl space Lizell Contracting $195 (2018 Cost) Operating 9/20/19
Mail second notice of annual election meeting with ballot/proxy, with “fireplace chimney cleaning recommended,” and “proper use and operation of your fireplace,” Continental Property Management Copying/ Postage Operating 9/16/19
2019 concrete sidewalk replacement project – 116 locations – 2,799 sq. ft. – Basswood, Redbud, and Hackberry Courts Michael DeLaurentis $55,980 Reserve 9/13/19
Improve storm water drainage at patio near 411 Redbud Court Crews Landscape Management $885 Operating 9/10/19
Shut off pumps to main pool, Jacuzzi, and baby pool (to save electricity) Lizell Contracting $74 N/A 9/5/19
Pool – Prep for winterization Lizell Contracting $296 Operating 9/5/19
Inspect, service, repair all pool umbrellas Lizell Contracting Hourly Rate Operating 9/5/19
Deactivate telephone at pool Continental Property Management N/A N/A 9/4/19
Remove one large shrub and cut stump close to the ground near 383 Redbud Court Davey Tree $330 Operating 8/29/19
Clean all underground storm water drainage pipes – Sassafras Court Lizell Contracting $2,805 Operating 8/29/19
Repair water main break in parking lot near 171-184 Basswood Court McMackin Plumbing $5,800 Operating 8/26/19