Remove large broken branch from Beech tree near 2-3/2-4 Aspen WayTreeEx$496Operating8/20/20
Move/Spread one load of wood chips at outbound lane of Aspen Way opposite buildings 4 & 5LFB Landscaping$375Operating8/28/20
Remove large multi-leader Silver Maple between building 11 and Lower State Road (damaged during 8/4/20 tornado)TreeEx$2,888Operating8/28/20
Mail final notice to unit owners with outstanding oil heating bill, mail 10-day demand letter, and file legal action per administrative resolutionContinental Property ManagementTo Be DeterminedOperating9/9/20
Replace two (2) first floor breezeway fixtures with lower wattage fixturesFrank’s Lighting$440Operating9/10/20
Mail cover letter and update heating system booklet on Association websiteContinental Property ManagementCopying and MailingN/A9/15/20