Subject to change (Revised 10/20/11)

Abridgment of Rules and Regulations

These rules and regulations have been developed and continually reviewed by many Chestnut Grove Council Members for more than 15 years. Through these rules and regulations, it has been the purpose of Council to give guidance to the community so that the close relationship among neighbors may result in a more pleasant living experience for all concerned. Suggestions concerning these rules are welcomed from owners and tenants and will be given proper attention by Council. Your observance and understanding compliance is greatly appreciated by your Council and especially your neighbors.


  • Vehicles, including motorcycles, must park in designated spaces. Vehicles are not permitted to remain unattended in all other areas.
  • The numbered parking spaces are reserved, one (1) space per unit, all others are for general use.
  • Any two (2) or four (4) wheeled vehicle may park in designated parking spaces except:
    • Commercial vehicles or personal vehicles with business advertising (those containing commercial lettering or have open loads of commercial material such as ladders, wheelbarrows, construction materials, etc.
    • Trailer, van (other than a van used solely to transport passengers), truck tractor, house trailer, mobile home, RV, boat, stored vehicle or the like.
    • Vehicles that do not fit into a standard parking space (i.e.: inside the painted lines).
    • Junk vehicles or other vehicles on which current registration plates and/or inspection stickers are not displayed. (This includes abandoned vehicles).
    • Stored vehicles.
  • Repair or maintenance of vehicles is not permitted.
  • Vehicles of any kind are not permitted on grass.
  • Vehicles may be washed by bucket only. Hose washing is not permitted.
  • Care should be taken in warmer weather, when windows are open, that fumes from a running vehicle do not disturb your neighbors.
  • Painted yellow curbs indicate that parking is not permitted.
  • The 15 MPH speed limit signs are to be observed, as well as yielding to pedestrians.
  • These rules and regulations apply to residents and their guests 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. The restriction of commercial vehicles does not apply to commercial vehicles servicing the Chestnut Grove community.
  • The enforcement procedure for vehicle violations is a charge to the condominium owner of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for each occurrence. See Administrative Resolution #8 for non-payment of fines.


  • No exterior alteration, construction, landscaping, addition to or removal of any part of any condominium unit or common elements shall be done without written approval from the Council. The only exception is holiday decorations, which must be removed fifteen (15) days after the observance. Ornamental flags are not permitted.
  • No signs, including “For Sale” or “For Rent” may be erected without written approval from the Council.
  • No outside antenna, radio aerial or satellite dish shall be maintained outside a condominium unit without written approval from the Council.
  • Nothing shall be stored or displayed on common elements.
  • Outdoor clotheslines are not permitted.
  • No activity, which would cause damage to the common elements or is dangerous to others, is permitted. This ordinance includes, but is not limited to, ball playing, throwing Frisbees or other game objects, bicycle riding, in-line skating, skate boards, etc.
  • Residents may cultivate flowers and shrubs outside their respective units, provided there is no conflict with their neighbors. Any significant modifications to existing beds, shrubs or trees require written approval from the Council.
  • Private parties must be confined to the resident’s unit and must observe the quiet hours.
  • Balconies or open patios may not be used for storage except for bicycles and/or outdoor furniture. Children’s toys may not be left overnight on balconies, open patios or any of the common elements.
  • Barbeque devices may only be operated on the ground level and must be positioned to reduce fumes, smoke and the risk of fire to the second floor units. Storage of any barbeque devices must be in a well-ventilated, dry space, out of direct sun, and away from any open flame or ignition source. (Every light fixture, switch, air conditioner, heater, washing machine, clothes dryer, refrigerator, cell phone, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, workman’s drill, lighter, candle, stove, unless rated as intrinsically safe, is a potential ignition source.)
  • Storage of any combustible material is not permitted on exterior balconies or patios.
  • Jacuzzis and the like are not permitted in the Chestnut Grove community.
  • Unit numbers must be visible at all times (do not cover with wreaths).
  • Bird feeders are not permitted due to the squirrel and skunk population.
  • Litter, including tobacco products, on common elements is not permitted.
  • Bicycles are not to be locked to or stored on common grounds.


  • Proper window treatments must be used with the white-side facing the outside. Bed sheets, cardboard, blankets, bamboo blinds, etc. are not permitted.
  • Nothing shall be shaken or discarded from windows or balconies.
  • All units must be equipped with either a single-station or multiple-station smoke detector, continuously powered by the house electrical service. As an alternative, battery-powered wireless smoke detectors may be installed.
  • Kerosene heaters are not permitted.
  • Storage of any combustible material is not permitted inside. (See Outside Rules #10)
  • Waterbeds “and the like” are not permitted in the Chestnut Grove community.


  • The performance of or participation in noisy activities or the operation of noise-producing appliances and equipment is forbidden between the hours of 10:30pm and 7:00am. This restriction includes the operation of dishwashers, clothes washers, garbage disposal units, vacuum cleaners and other similar noise-producing devices whose sounds may cause disturbance to neighbors. The operation of radios, televisions, stereo and electronic equipment may continue quietly between the above hours, only with the strict proviso that if it disturbs your neighbor in any way, the activity must be stopped or the volume adjusted so that the sound is inaudible in the bedrooms of adjoining units.
  • Private parties and picnics must be confined to the resident’s units, and a reasonable noise level maintained so as not to disturb neighbors.


  • Each resident must supply his or her own trash container, including a lid, and the resident’s unit number on each.
  • Trash of any kind must be sealed in a plastic bag, placed in the trash container with the lid sealed tightly. However, very large, non-decaying items (such as cardboard cartons) need not be placed in containers, but must be confined within the trash collection room/area, as must all trash containers. Contact Management concerning the pick-up of larger items.
  • RECYCLING RULES ARE TO BE OBSERVED. Recycled materials must be placed in the proper containers provided by the Chestnut Grove trash contractor.
  • All empty containers must be taken in the same day when trash is picked-up.
  • No trash or recycling is to be kept on patios, balconies or by front doors.


  • Owner residents and tenants, with owner’s permission, are allowed to keep domestic pets such as cats, birds and the like, provided they don’t constitute a nuisance to others.
  • Any dogs that have been registered with Chestnut Grove Management before December 11, 1997 were “grandfathered” with due consideration by the Council for specific cases brought to the Council’s attention. Rules for these “grandfathered” dogs are as follows:
    • Dogs must be inoculated as required by law.
    • Dogs must be controlled by the owner to prevent disturbance to neighbors. Dogs are not permitted to run free in Chestnut Grove, nor are they permitted to be staked with access to the common grounds.
    • A leash no longer than six (6) feet must be used.
    • The area for dog walking is only the un-mowed area along the outer perimeter of Aspen Way.
    • Waste from the owner’s dog is to be picked up by the dog owner and disposed properly.
    • Neighbors’ rights and peace must be respected. No dog shall be permitted to cause or create a nuisance, unreasonable noise or disturbance, nor shall the dog be permitted to catch, pursue or harass any wild creature, another dog or person.
    • The enforcement procedure for dogs is a charge to the condominium owner of $75.00 for the first violation. A $100 fine is levied for a second violation, and a mandatory removal of the dog from Chestnut Grove is required. If the dog must be removed, a date will be established at 30-days hence, and thereafter, a $50 fine levied for each week the dog has not been removed.
    • Non-payment of these fines is explained in Administrative Resolution #8, except that the $50 per week fine will continue concurrently until the dog is removed.


  • Complaints regarding infractions of the Rules and Regulations shall be received in the Management office in writing. The written compliant must provide sufficient detail to allow Management to take action. Confidentiality shall be maintained.
  • A warning letter shall be sent to the unit owner (whether resident or tenant), the resident violator (if applicable) and a blind copy to the complainant describing the violation. A date by which correction is to be made will be clearly stated in the warning letter, approximately two (2) weeks after date of the warning letter.
  • The complainant must follow-up after the correction date to make certain the violation has been corrected.
  • If the violation has not been corrected after identified date, Management should be notified in writing by the complainant, at which time the Council may approve an appropriate fine. All fines will be levied against the unit owner. If the owner wishes to discuss this with the Council, an appointment should be made through Management.
  • Non-payment of fines is explained in Administrative Resolution #8.
  • It should be noted that the Council and Management are not always in a position to follow-up to see whether corrective action has been taken. Only by the follow-up and notification to Management by the complainant, can this procedure be effective. Confidentiality shall be maintained.